My Journey

My journey began in 2021, during a difficult time in my life. I was undergoing cancer treatment and felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. As a part-time psychologist and life coach, I knew that I needed to do something completely different to help me cope. So, I bought a candle-making kit and started creating.


The process of making candles was therapeutic for me, and I found that I was able to channel my pain and sadness into something beautiful. I became so immersed in the creative process that I forgot about my cancer treatment altogether. It was as if I had found a new purpose in life, and I felt fulfilled in a way that I hadn't felt before.


I persevered through the tough times, and my candle-making business started to take off. My most traumatic days were transformed into something beautiful and shared with the world. It wasn't an easy journey, but it was worth it. My goal is to share my love and light with as many people as possible and to show them that there is always hope, even in the darkest of times.



Hapeedove -  Conveys a profound meaning rooted in the concepts of happiness, freedom, and love. The name combines the words "Happiness," "Freedom," and "Love" to create a unique and evocative representation of the brand's values. "hap" signifies happiness, emphasising the joy and fulfillment that Hapeedove seeks to bring to individuals' lives. "eed" symbolises the liberation and empowerment that Hapeedove promotes, allowing individuals to embrace their true selves and live life on their own terms. Lastly, "ove" is a symbol of love, peace, and harmony.


Be you be Hapeedove.




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